1952 - 2005



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The pictures communicate timelessness, invite one to meditate and open a way to eternity. The pictures confront reality critically, revealing cracks and paradoxes in its structures. Sometimes different planes of reality merge to form new realities. All the pictures say: 'Do not remain as you are'. 'Where the path appears to be is just its beginning' is a realization which Angelika Bender-Wührl emphatically communicates.

With her meditative pictures the artist shows the viewer the possibilities of various paths. It's up to us now, the viewers, to follow the appeal of the pictures and to find our own path. In her pictures the artist uses not only central perspectives, curves, pillars, staircases, gates, reflecting waters, but also simple geometrical forms such as triangles, rectangles, cubes and very often floating spheres. The painter uses symmetrical forms of ancient architecture as elements in her pictures, which, through their formal construction, entice the viewer ti step into these imaginary spaces.

In this environment born of dreams it is possible to find the calmness and leisure which we lack in everyday life. Her painting is founded upon ways of seeing that were usual before the 15th century. Pictures then had a magical meaning and symbolical character. They were not representations of reality.

The artist is not only remarkable for her contemplative way of seeing she also surprises through a fascinating new technique.. Pure pigment powder is used without the usual binding agent used in tempera, oil or watercolours. The fine particles of colour are applied by means of cotton wool to untreated paper. This way the artists achieves the purest colours with astonishing transparency and covering a wide spectrum.

The pictures are continually changing through the play of light and shadow and are alive with iridescent light. The atmosphere of the pictures changes according to the light conditions. Gentle transitions from desert sand coloured earth to the blue expanse of the sky form fluid horizons with the illusion of an endless expanse which dissolves all boundaries.